Royal Voluntary Service

16 July 2014

“As you get older, you need support. I can’t praise the Royal Voluntary Service and the Community Transport scheme enough. I think it’s wonderful.” In this short film we hear from Margaret about the local transport scheme, and how it's helping her and other older people in the community to get out and about.

With investment of £39,832 from People's Health Trust - using money raised by HealthEngage through The Health Lottery, Royal Voluntary Service in North Ayrshire has been able to provide a Community Transport scheme benefiting around 300 local older people. The scheme primarily involves volunteers using their own vehicles to provide transport for older people in their neighbourhoods, in small groups or as individuals. The support provided by volunteers extends beyond physically helping older people to get where they need to go. A volunteer can wait with an older person who is nervously awaiting test results, or help with carrying and packing away the weekly shop.


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