01 November 2018

“Together, we are realising that we can affect change and make a difference in our community.”

“Being more involved in my local community is what attracted me to the project initially.

It is 2018 and disabled people are still struggling to live as normal a life as they can. That is why it is so important to have the support to take action on things that matter, and to make sure our voices are heard.

It has been a really positive experience being able to get involved with smaller projects and actions from the beginning; completely taking ownership of them. It is a wonderful feeling seeing it through and knowing that, as a group, we achieved something.

People often take everyday activities for granted like going shopping for an outfit or eating out. But to a disabled person, it can be a nightmare just thinking about it. Suddenly, you’re thinking: ‘Can l get in the shop? Do they have a big enough changing room?’

To address this, we have been involved with disability awareness training for local businesses in Norfolk. The training helps to make store staff more aware of different disabilities and highlight how a small change can make a huge difference to accessibility.

“We are seeing local people involved with the project build their confidence and skills as well as make new friends. Local people are having a real impact in their own community through the project and activities they are designing and delivering.”

Julia Ajayi, Local People projects coordinator, Scope

We also recently went to a Get Together with other Local People projects supported by Scope. It is always a good opportunity to share experiences and get new ideas. In Southend, Essex, they had a beach wheelchair, which gave us the idea to try and get one for Norfolk too. We had a meeting about it to discuss the idea and what it would mean to people to have one in Norfolk and we voted on the subject. We partnered up with another charity, and after a lot of research and discussions, we secured our own fully accessible beach wheelchair.

The launch was such a fantastic day, and seeing the pleasure people got when using the chair made the hard work so worthwhile.

For me, the biggest impact is how much my confidence has grown – from not being able to look people in the face if I didn’t know them, to now speaking up and knowing that people will listen to my ideas and consider them.

Together, we are realising that we can affect change and make a difference in our  community.”

Mia West, project member and resident


Scope were awarded £50,284 in 2017-18 to support the Local People project in West Norfolk, with money raised through Health Lottery East.

Through the Local People programme, residents are supported by one of five national charities to co-produce projects on a very local level.

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