Skye Circus Skills Association

25 September 2017

“There are a number of workshops for the community of Skye and Lochalsh and we support a range of people, including children, young people, and those with learning disabilities.

Aerial skills look really impossible, but when you just achieve even a tiny thing, it feels amazing and really boosts your confidence.

The more experienced members help the newer members  to build their self-esteem.

We are all leading the project – we have meetings where we voice our opinions and say what we think worked well, or didn’t, and shape the project from there.

The project also offers an important opportunity to build social links and ties. There isn’t regular public transport here which means it can be difficult to get involved in activities.

Coming as a group or with others makes it more accessible and more sociable.”

Keri Skye, project lead and resident

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