20 November 2015

“In the SPARC Active project I have met lots of new friends who are like me. Because I have a lot of trouble reading words, the comics can tell a story with pictures which everybody can understand. The best bits of the project have been visiting local schools with our Comic Oscars roadshow to show off the comics to other kids in Widnes.”

Members of the SPARC Active group

“Living with a learning disability can, at times, be very isolating, but this project is giving young people a chance to make new friendships and broadening their social circles.

"SPARC Active is allowing local young people to create a sense of purpose for themselves and others in their situation. A lot of our members expect that they will be dependent on services for life, but this project is giving them back some control over their lives by allowing them to express themselves through comic books and animation. They are also spreading awareness about living with learning disabilities to a wider audience.”

Mick O’Gorman

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