Suffolk Chinese Family Welfare Association

25 September 2017

ā€œIā€™m a mother of three daughters and the class improves my English reading and writing. It helps me to read school letters and, even better, to communicate with other parents. So this class helps me a lot.ā€ Sue Chen, resident

“It can be a struggle to learn English if you don’t have any support. Without learning the language, you can’t progress very far, and the skills you have aren’t always transferable.

We set up the group to help members of the Chinese community learn English together and have different classes, depending on when people can meet.

The group are a very good support network for each other. They have built friendships outside of the classroom and have even travelled to Essex to have dinner with one of the teachers and his family and friends. They all brought a dish and socialised – it was lovely.

The funding has given us a tremendous boost and we wouldn’t have had this opportunity without it. Everyone is more confident, and feels more capable.”

Olivia Boland, volunteer and resident



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