Supporting children with eczema and their families

18 November 2013

“Just received our scrapbook, the girls are raring to go! It’s just what we needed to talk about J’s eczema after a tough couple of years. We’ll do it together as a family and send it to you as soon as possible”

Eczema Outreach is a unique peer-support service for families affected by childhood eczema. This West Lothian based project encourages children with eczema to develop their confidence by taking part in more mainstream activities, improving their social skills. People’s Health Trust enabled them to extend their support.

“We’ve seen children coming out of their shells as they attend outings; their families have reported to us that they also have a more positive attitude in school and are more open about their eczema with others than before joining the group. Magali, Eczema Outreach

The outings have been very popular, as well as their new scrapbook project which has been a success with families and children. They’ve also created a 1-1 connection between families of similar circumstances and provided personal advice and support to carers. Eczema Outreach offers a great opportunity for families to swap advice and tips on treatments, share experiences and for children to meet with other children with eczema.


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