25 September 2017

“I have lived in South Wigston for most of my adult life, and there’s never been as much happening as there is now! We’re breathing new life into the area so come and get involved and get active – there’s so much to do.” Paula North, resident and steering group member

“The Local People project’s STEP OUT group has really seen residents get more involved, but it has taken time.

They are starting to become more active by taking on tasks – small at  first, and then with increasing levels  of responsibility.

Members are coming along to more meetings, are building relationships with the Council and even wrote a funding bid for ten committee members  to do the Young Leicestershire Passport to Volunteering course.

Sessions are very much run by the committee members now and they have designed a new logo, created their own style of marketing and are even about to take over the lease of a new property which will host the youth group in the future.

One woman, who had never done any youth work, became a regular volunteer on the project and, within several months, joined the committee. She is now one of the most vocal members of the group, taking on key roles of responsibility – and is looking to pursue a career in youth work now.

The group recently had their AGM and it was great to see how far they have come, and so quickly from where they started.”

Jessie Cooke, project officer


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