That’s the Spirit of Carnival

18 November 2013

“Stilt walking has made me become more self-confident; I love performing”

Spirit of Carnival encourages groups and individuals to share experiences through the provision of carnival workshops and events. People’s Health Trust gave Spirit of Carnival a boost to develop their drama and performance, skills workshops for stilt walking.

“There are a lot of single parents on the estate, often with low self-esteem. It's about breaking the cycle – getting them to aim higher – by encouraging them to try new experiences.”Pat, Spirit of Carnival

Over 100 people including 30 young people benefit from this initiative, aimed at young people and adults who live in one of the highest areas of social deprivation in Norfolk.
Troupe member Toby, 16 is now a mentor for the younger ones, giving them the extra support in their early days of training.


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