"When we became an accredited Living Wage Employer we felt a real sense of pride"

10 November 2017

Shale Ahmed, is a Project Manager for Aspire & Succeed in Lozells, Birmingham. The organisation has nine employees and became an accredited Living Wage employer two years ago.

"When we became an accredited Living Wage Employer two years ago we felt a real sense of pride – knowing we were advocating something that makes a real difference to people’s lives.

“We have always actively supported the campaign so it was an easy decision to become accredited. It wouldn’t make sense to campaign for it and not pay it ourselves.

"Some of the families we are working with in our area are having it really tough - living in overcrowded homes, working hard but getting paid a pittance. Getting paid a Living Wage would make a massive difference to their lives, as it does to our staff. 

"The difference between getting paid the minimum wage and the real Living Wage means being able to buy a new school uniform for your children and not worrying about it. 

“Accreditation isn't the end goal for us. We continue to campaign for a Living Wage for everyone. We're spreading the word to other employers in the area and are currently in conversations with two local organisations about becoming accredited.

"One of these, our local opticians, owns 14 branches, so it would benefit a lot of people who work there and make a serious difference to their household income, and to their health.

"People are working really hard and they deserve to get paid a real Living Wage.” 

Shale Ahmed


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