Connecting Communities

13 October 2016

"We now have an army of volunteers who will keep up the good work for years to come.”

“Our Connecting Communities project was all about engaging and empowering young people and their communities by taking part in regular and fun activities.

Through Start to Play, families with young children took part in activities including role play, stories and dance. It was fantastic to see parents’ self-confidence improve as the project developed. 

They felt more a part of their community and felt they had greater influence.

Some members experienced problems at home and language barriers, but being part of the project helped them to feel more confident in their abilities to play with their children, and in some cases develop English Language skills.

“It’s made a big impact. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the group. Coming here was a great escape for me to mingle with other parents and feel normal again.” - Emma Monteiro Reynolds - Resident

Volunteers received training so that they can deliver activities within the local community using innovative methods and techniques to make the sessions fun.

We now have an army of volunteers who will keep up the good work for years to come.”

Sharon Bartley Project Coordinator for Hull

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