Evaluating Local Conversations 2018: Supporting collective control to reduce health inequalities

04 February 2019

A summary report containing New Economics Foundation's findings from the first year of their evaluation of the Local Conversations programme.

This report, published by the Trust, is a summary report of the first year of a four-year evaluation exploring the impact of the Trust's Local Conversations programme.

The Trust is working with New Economics Foundation (NEF) to carry out a four-year evaluation of our Local Conversations programme. The report outlines the deeper findings of this process, with a close focus on the development of collective control and its relationship with social connectedness; knowledge, understanding and skills; money and resources; confidence and influence.

The report also highlights all that Local Conversations projects have achieved, the challenges and barriers they face, and what has helped them to bring about change in their neighbourhoods.

To read the summary report, click here.

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