£100million raised

10 May 2018

An incredible £100million has now been raised through The Health Lottery for good causes.

We would like thank the players of The Health Lottery who have raised this extraordinary amount.

Thanks to their support, the Trust has been able to invest in more than 2,700 resident-led projects, supporting over 460,000 people.

With investment from the Trust, local people across Great Britain have been working to help reduce health inequalities for themselves and others who experience the greatest social and economic disadvantage.

Over the years, we have funded a variety of different projects including those that give marginalised communities a greater voice such as an action group for the LGBT+ community.

We’ve also supported people who feel isolated to meet others living locally, lunch clubs for older people and peer support groups for unpaid carers.  

We believe that giving local residents greater control over what happens in their neighbourhood is key to creating new and stronger relationships, improving confidence and a greater sense of belonging.

Chief Executive of People’s Health Trust, John Hume, said: “At a time when less than half of surveyed charities are confident of their survival in five years' time and when the UK is reported to have the worst operating environment for charities in western and northern Europe, £100m of funding has been an absolute lifeline for local groups.

“It is a vital source of investment for the voluntary and community sector. The funding has enabled us to support over 2,700 local groups across Great Britain and has benefitted the health of over 460,000 local people who experience the sharp end of disadvantage on a daily basis.

Martin Ellice, Group Managing Director, The Health Lottery, said: “To think that we’ve raised such a phenomenal amount of money for charities and projects around Great Britain is fantastic. We are very aware of the difference this money makes to people in local communities and that many of these projects, which do so much good, would not be able to continue their great work without us.”

Donald Macrae, Chair of the 51 society lotteries which make up The Health Lottery, said: “Reaching this level of good causes is an important milestone. We are humbled by having reached such a figure and by the critical work it has enabled local charities to do across Great Britain.”

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