£90million raised for good causes

06 July 2017

People's Health Trust is celebrating £90million being raised for good causes over the last six years.

The £90million has enabled People's Health Trust to invest in over 2,500 projects across England, Wales and Scotland, which has helped over 427,000 people by supporting activities that address the social causes of ill-health and promote well-being.

The money has been raised for good causes by 51 society lotteries through The Health Lottery.

People’s Health Trust focuses on reducing health inequalities at a time of real need. Social and economic inequalities remain the biggest single threat to health in Britain.  

Through its work, the Trust supports local people to decide what they want and need to do to address health inequalities in their local area and then deliver it.

It does this through its three funding programmes - Active Communities, Local Conversations and Local People.

At the heart of each of these is ensuring that residents are in control of how invested money is used locally, and that they use their experience and knowledge to find the solutions to local issues.

An increasing number of local residents are taking action to address the underlying, structural causes of inequalities that improve their health and improve the health of those around them.

The Trust would like to thank the 51 society lotteries raising money through The Health Lottery who have made all of this possible.

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