2017 survey results published

09 November 2017

Earlier in the year, People’s Health Trust commissioned its annual stakeholder survey to support quality improvements and learning.

We asked you what you thought about our website and our newsletter.

93% of you agree that it is easy to find the information required on the website (the same as the previous two years).

Take-up of the newsletter by respondents is higher this year at 74% than last year (67%).

We asked you how clearly we communicate what we do.

Almost all of you (94%) felt that the Trust communicates what it does clearly, and that it also explains its approach to health inequalities clearly.

We asked you about our customer service.

Customer service feedback is similar to last year, with high levels of satisfaction with the responses to enquiries (73% felt responses were helpful ‘to a large extent’).

We asked you what you thought of the funding application process.

Similarly to last year, 81% of you found the application process easy to some extent or to a large extent.

90% of you feel that the decision timescale on Active Communities is reasonable.

We asked you what you thought about our grant support.

85% of you feel monitoring is proportionate, to a large extent or to some extent (which is comparable to last year).

97% of you agree that grant payments are made efficiently to some extent or a large extent. This is comparable to last year.

Of the respondents that reported on how helpful they found feedback on an unsuccessful application, most felt it was helpful to some or a large extent.

As with previous years, most of you feel an appropriate level of support is offered on grant management and branding and publicity.


Overall, levels of customer satisfaction are high and broadly comparable to last year. Comments on the website are generally positive and the newsletter in particular appears to be valued. The team is perceived as helpful and supportive. Application and grant management processes are generally seen as clear.

Thank you

Thank you to everybody who took part in the survey, and congratulations to Farnworth Baptist Church who won our free prize draw.

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