04 September 2018

"Young people identify issues, think about ways they can bring people together to tackle the issue and raise community spirit."

The Action4Gascoigne project supports young people living on the Gascoigne Estate in Barking. Young people are supported to plan and deliver community events they are interested in, whilst meeting new people and building friendships in their local area. In this piece, we hear from Fliss, from Chain Reaction, who support the project.

 “It’s a youth group but actually a social action group is a better description. The project members are between 11 and 16 years old and live around the Gascoigne estate in Barking, Greater London. 

Young people identify issues, think about ways they can bring people together to tackle the issue and raise community spirit. They try to get people of different ages and backgrounds engaged in free community activities. 

There is a combination of weekly after school sessions and holiday-time provision because since we have been based on the estate, all the other youth provision has stopped. 

Young people work to come up with new and exciting ideas and they’ve already hosted lots of incredible events. They organised a street party in collaboration with the parent’s forum which helped bring more than 400 members of the community together.

They also created a winter wonderland to raise money for homeless people and a local foodbank, which is an important resource in the borough.

The young people liked the idea of using theatre to engage the community so they even devised their own original performance and performed at a new theatre space next to the estate. The show was all about how to encourage a safer community and bring people together. 

Action4Gascoigne is completely led by the young people involved and then our team encourage and support them. 

The young people involved have been amazing and because they are from the area, they are completely invested in it. There is so much ownership from the very beginning. 

They also learn practical skills and are really thriving; their confidence and communication has also increased – it is great to see them flourish. 

The neighbourhood has always had a community feel and people are incredibly proud of where they live, the project has just helped to enhance that.” 


Fliss Green, General Manager at Chain Reaction Theatre Company


The Action4Gascoigne project is funded by People’s Health Trust with money raised through The Health Lottery. 


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