Anti Racism

03 April 2021

Anti Racism

We know from evidence and from people's experience that the determinants of health are social and economic, and that they are directly impacted by unequal treatment by and within institutions and systems in the UK. To suggest that institutional racism does not exist is to ignore the evidence and experience. 

The increase in hate crime and the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on people of colour has shown us that this is not about "attitudes and culture" and individual behaviour: it is about the unjust systems around people of colour. 

We believe that progress can only be made by accepting the existence of institutional and systemic racism and by privileging the voices of those who experience racial injustice, so that we can listen, learn and begin to take anti-racist action. 

We agree that social class is a significant issue in terms of health inequalities but pitting social class against racism is a distraction; both exist, they intersect and together they are powerful drivers of health inequalities. 

We stand and work alongside our partners in helping to defeat racial injustice, always. 

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