Bedford Creative Arts

05 April 2018

Residents have celebrated their hard work over the last year with a one-night only outdoor film installation.

The event showcased the hard work of residents who are involved with the Clubhouse project, supported by Bedford Creative Arts, which aims to capture what life is like in their community by making a short film.

Working with artists Julie Myers and Maria Anastassiou, the project has developed into a long-term community programme, created in collaboration with the residents, and focuses on two roads in Bedford - Chester and Carlisle Road.

Artist, Julie Myers, said: “The feedback we’ve received so far is wonderful – we’ve seen children with a new-found confidence become inspired to be journalists or filmmakers – they now see the arts industry as a valuable career option.”

The project included workshops and events throughout the year and is set within a thriving diverse community where the residents support each other by sharing skills and resources.

The one-night only outdoor film installation saw snippets of the film projected onto and into spaces including garden walls, front doors, garages and sheds.

There was also a photo exhibition on display and visitors got to go on a walking tour of the project by the young people taking part.

Curator Producer, Annie Bacon, said: “At Bedford Creative Arts, our work is about creating the possibilities for artists to make new art with and within communities. It has been a great year watching young people and adults get more involved in the project and learn invaluable skills.”

The completed film will be edited and result in a stand-alone artwork to be presented to the residents, online, in exhibitions and in cinemas.

The neighbourhood project is funded by People’s Health Trust, using money raised by HealthCourage through The Health Lottery.


In this short film, we find out more about the project.  


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