The Big Red Bus Club

06 July 2017

All aboard! The Big Red Bus Club set to tackle parental isolation in London

The Big Red Bus Club, a hidden gem located in Charlton Park, Greenwich, is helping to address the isolation often experienced by London parents that do not have outside space.

Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by HealthWisdom through The Health Lottery, this local initiative offers free play and stay sessions for under-fives and their parents.

Big Red Bus Club, funded by People's Health Trust.

This comes at a time when around three in 10 British adults report feeling lonely some of the time and two-thirds of adults think they should do more to help family, friends and neighbours who are lonely¹.

The Big Red Bus Club provides a space for parents to do that. It gives parents the chance to discuss parenting concerns and a chance to socialise in a welcoming and warm environment in a bid to combat parental isolation.

The initiative also enables parents to volunteer and develop the skills and confidence to build their self-esteem, with the ultimate aim of running the sessions themselves.

In addition to mixing with children their own age, children attending  can take part in a range of activities from arts and crafts to gardening projects – essential for families who may have limited access to gardens or outdoor space.

The project has been funded through People’s Health Trust’s Active Communities programme. Independent research carried out by Ecorys UK for the Trust found that 85 per cent of projects funded through Active Communities had reduced isolation.

Big Red Bus Club, funded by People's Health Trust

Tara from The Big Red Bus Club said: “Without programmes such as The Big Red Bus Club, many parents in the area would have limited opportunity to socialise with families just like themselves, which would lead to feelings of isolation.

“The importance of socialisation for parents with new and young children is paramount – services like these are vital if are to support parents, combat seclusion and continue to build happy and caring communities.”

Big Red Bus Club, funded by People's Health Trust.

The Big Red Bus Club runs every day, during term-time, between 12.30pm and 3pm.

¹ Findings based on a survey by ComRes of over 2,000 adults.


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