Catton Grove Norwich

09 August 2018

Thirty years after a mural was created, local people decided it was time to restore it, adding to the history and character of the community. 

Catton Grove Centre Management Committee have been supporting the local community in Catton Grove estate in Norwich to develop and lead activities that bring them together.

In this piece, we hear about what residents have been up to, including restoring a mural that was first painted over thirty years ago.

“We wanted to breathe some new life into our community centre a few years ago and our first grant from People’s Health Trust enabled us to set up new activities in the centre.

Although that project ended, residents took such ownership of it that most activities have become self-sustainable or we have received other funding to continue them.

We have now been funded a second time by People’s Health Trust and are currently running the Refresh 2 project.

There are three parts to the project - we have a community mural project, community lunches and a community newsletter.

The centre is 30 years old and as part of the opening in 1988, local people painted a mural on one of the walls in the car park. The mural was still there but in a very dilapidated state - over the years it hadn’t weathered very well.

The community wanted to refurbish the mural and bring it back to its original state and then paint a new one alongside it to update it.

The original mural illustrated the history of the Catton Grove estate and some of the key characters and activities available at the time. The new mural continued that theme and included current characters on the estate and a map of the area.

Over four months, we had over 50 residents involved in the project, it really brought everyone together and the community pride was evident. Some of the local residents who came along had been part of the original mural as children and brought their littles ones with them this time – it was a really great intergenerational project.

We now have two murals and everyone is really proud of them.

We also host monthly community lunches, which local people said they wanted. Residents are in complete control of it, from deciding on the menu to cooking and serving the food. It took a while to build up but it has become really popular and usually 35-40 people come along.

People like to make an afternoon of it and usually stay to socialise and take part in other activities.

The project has really helped bring people out who hadn’t been before and they now come in for lunch and meet their neighbours.

The community newsletter, which is published four times a year, helps promote what everyone is doing and what is on offer. Residents create their own adverts and then we pull it all together.

We are really grateful for the money raised through The Health Lottery because it has enabled us to pull lots of little things together into a bigger project for the community. It’s given us the opportunity to do things the community always wanted to try but never had the funding to give it a go.”

Linda Blakeway

The Trust has invested in Catton Grove Centre Management Committee using money raised through The Health Lottery.


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