Charities in Glasgow celebrate 1st year anniversary of The Health Lottery

01 October 2012

Four charities in Glasgow are celebrating the first anniversary draw for HealthShine Community Interest Company (CIC), which raises money for good health causes funds through The Health Lottery.

After just 12 months, HealthShine CIC has raised more than £240,000 for health related good causes in the Glasgow area. This is new, much-needed funding for charities delivering locally, such as Alzheimer Scotland, The Conservation Volunteers, WRVS and the Carers Trust.

Thanks to money raised by HealthShine CIC, Alzheimer Scotland have received a grant of £22,548 that will enable them to run a Dementia Cafe in Glasgow. Dementia Caf├ęs provide a place for people with dementia, their carers, and health and social care professionals to meet on ‘neutral ground’ and provide information and peer support to one another. They often provide informal access to health professionals and occasionally with arranged speakers.  The project aims to  reduce stress and anxiety for people with dementia, strengthen relationships between people with dementia, their carers and families, and enable people to make friends with group members who go on to provide support and understanding outside of the sessions.

Money raised by HealthShine CIC has also enabled The Conservation Volunteers to run a Green Gym for 12 months in Paisley. The Green Gym initiative works to improve health and wellbeing, create a better environment, promote environmentally active citizens, and boost employment and skills. Paisley Green Gym aims to reach communities and participants at most risk of poor health and will work with beneficiaries from this group and target the most deprived wards. This project will encourage participants from Glenburn, Foxbar and Paisley South East who will work on a number of different project sites. Activities and locations are varied: planting trees; making and installing bird boxes in a park; working on a community allotment, growing food for people in the neighbourhood. Using a grant of £27,932, the project will work with communities across the region, where unemployment levels are high.

Miles Sibley, Director of Strategy at The Conservation Volunteers, said: “Money raised through The Health Lottery has enabled The Conservation Volunteers to work with communities all over the country, helping people to better health through practical activity in the outdoors.  Our projects bring people together to improve local places, grow fresh and healthy produce, and build stronger community links.  At a time of deep cuts in public expenditure, combined with growing illness linked to sedentary lifestyles, this grant is a vital lifeline.” 

Chris Lunn from HealthShine CIC, said: “We are delighted to celebrate our first anniversary and showcase the important work that these organisations are carrying out in the Glasgow area. The projects supported using money raised by HealthShine are extremely valuable to a wide range of individuals across this region, we look forward to hearing more about how these initiatives are enabling people to live longer healthier lives.’

‘The next HealthShine Society Lottery draw is to be held on Saturday, when once again funds will be earmarked for the Glasgow region. We hope that many people will participate in The Health Lottery and contribute towards a variety of local good causes who rely on this vital funding.’

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