Charities in Lothian receive funding from money raised by HealthShow to help vulnerable children

20 September 2012

Two groups from Lothian have been awarded funding using money raised by HealthShow Community Interest Company through The Health Lottery.

The funding is designed to address health inequalities in different communities and can apply to a wide range of issues.

These two charities have been able to use the funding to extend their services to encourage people to become healthier and more active.

Chris Lunn, Director of HealthShow, said: “We are delighted to support these incredible projects. Our focus is on health problems that are specific to Edinburgh, West Lothian, East Lothian, Falkirk and Midlothian and this funding lets our communities directly address their problems in ways that will most effectively make things better.”

The two projects to be awarded funding through our Healthy Communities Small Grants Programme are:

  • Pilmeny Youth Centre has been awarded a grant of £8,816. The funding will enable  them to provide out of school sports and fitness activities for children aged between five and eight years old.  The project, based in Edinburgh, focuses particularly on the Leith Walk ward and will take place on two afternoons and one evening each week over a period of 36 weeks, with approximately 12-15 local  children attending each session. 
  • Eczema Outreach has been awarded a grant of £10,000. The funding will enable Eczema Outreach to offer a unique, free, peer-support service to the most vulnerable families affected by childhood eczema in the most deprived communities of West Lothian.  As part of the project the group will carry out personalised outreach work for children with eczema and their families who are most at risk of isolation, lower quality of life and mental health issues. This support will include home visits, advice and family outings for 15 to 20 families.

This new source of funding was open to small charities or groups working in local communities to take action to help people live longer healthier lives.



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