Community hub saved

08 September 2016

Mirehouse Community Centre faced an ‘ongoing struggle’ to keep financing its projects until receiving People’s Health Trust funding for the next two years.

The community centre plays a vital role in the local community in Mirehouse, near Whitehaven, Cumbria, funding vital projects and activities for children, unemployed people and those experiencing loneliness and social isolation.

Katrina MacEwan, Development Officer, explained how the funding will help the centre and the people who use it feel more secure, keeping children off the streets and helping to raise the aspirations of all who attend.

She noted that securing funding has been an ongoing struggle. Trips away for local children have cost £7,000 to run over the school holidays, none of which would have been possible without People’s Health Trust funding.

People’s Health Trust has invested £47,567 in Mirehouse Community Centre, using money raised by HealthAble through The Health Lottery.

Karina said:"We had over 140 children here on Tuesday, and we have more than 100 hanging outside a long time before we're open waitnig to come in every week."

In addition to activities and away trips for children, Mirehouse also offers DIY workshops to help reduce social isolation within the community and career guidance and an employability course for unemployed people.

Karina said: "They are not forced to come her by the Job Centre, they want to come here because one of the main benefits is that it addresses the problem of social isolation. Its all about doing something different and raising aspiration."

With an eye to the future, the community centre is looking to open its kitchen to the public regularly to boost its sustainability. This will enable Katrina to offer even more services to the community she loves in the coming years.

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