A community's dream

07 December 2017

Proud volunteers and staff from Penparcau Community Forum celebrated their achievements as they officially launched their community centre.

The Community Hub, which was five years in the making, unveiled their new plaque and welcomed Alun Davies AM, the Welsh Government Cabinet secretary for local government and public services, on the day.

Bryn Jones, Forum Coordinator, said the journey had started with a conversation, which is where the idea for the community centre came from.

Picture credit: Cambrian News

He explained: “We have finally delivered a shiny new community hub for the people of Penparcau - what an achievement and I feel very proud to have played a part in the rollercoaster journey it turned out to be.

“The journey started with funding from People’s Health Trust, which enabled us to have those local conversations in Penparcau.

“The local conversations highlighted the need for new, accessible and modern facilities that anyone could benefit from.

“We’ve come a long way since those initial conversations and by building relationships with our residents, trustees, and our volunteers, we are creating a truly resilient community - which we always believed we could be. 

“Delivering a new facility like the Community Hub has created a real buzz and residents are making the most of all the opportunities it brings to our community.

“We’ve already seen a huge increase in people seeking volunteering opportunities with the Forum and especially within the community cafe in the hub.

“And we’ve seen a marked increase in partnership working with individuals and institutions charged with working in Penparcau - all of which bodes well for the future of Penparcau Community Forum and for Penparcau in general.

“We need to thank our architects (Catalina Architecture), contractors (HD Construction) trustees, staff, volunteers, our elected representatives and our funders who have all helped to make our dream and vision a reality. And a big thank you to Alun Davies AM for doing the honours on the day.”

Picture credit: Cambrian News 

The new centre is for the whole community to use, and will be a base for the Local Conversation project in Penparcau, which supports local people to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and to then bring their ideas to life.

Through the Local Conversation in Penparcau, residents identified a number of priorities, including the need for more modern, fit for purpose, community facilities.

As well as the community centre, other priorities for the project include youth activities, a community minibus and community website, maintaining green spaces and creating a wildlife garden next to the community centre.

The centre was part-funded by the Welsh Government, Ceredigion County Council, Aberystwyth Town Council and People’s Health Trust.

To date, People’s Health Trust has invested more than £335,000 in the overall Local Conversation project in Penparcau, using money raised by HealthExpect through The Health Lottery.

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