Foxhill residents are making changes to their neighbourhood

05 October 2017

Residents involved with the Local People project in Foxhill, in Bath have been working to improve outdoor spaces for the whole neighbourhood.

As part of the Local People project in Foxhill, residents had a period of engagement where they discussed the issues they wanted to address and came up with priorities to make where they live even better.

Springfield Park was identified by residents as a priority location to make changes and they developed a wish list, which they then presented to Bath and North East Somerset Council, who manage the park.

Council Officers were encouraged by the residents’ enthusiasm, and were happy to approve many of their ideas. A temporary seating and planting arrangement called ‘Street Kit’ was trialled during September to see how neighbours and park users would respond to the change.

The feedback was positive, with residents agreeing the seating made the park more accessible, especially when their children were playing in the park.

The Council has now agreed that permanent seating can be installed as part of the project, and have already installed two new bins in the park which had also been on the residents’ wish list.

Through the Local People project in Foxhill, Sustrans is supporting residents to make changes to their neighbourhood. The project has been funded by People’s Health Trust, using money raised by HealthFull through The Health Lottery.

Local resident, Joanne Raffery, who is involved with the project, said: “It’s so nice to go down to the park now and feel like we can improve things. The prospect of the changes we are going to make is exciting because of what it will do for the area. I have never had this opportunity before and I feel so pleased to be part of it.”

Residents are now trying to make their other ideas into a reality - which include a barbecue area, gym equipment and natural play equipment.

Councillor Cherry Beath added: "This is a terrific project, and I congratulate the residents on the work they are doing. There are lots of very creative ideas, and I support them, to get as much as possible realised in the area, and Springfield Park.

“People really care about this area, and especially the outdoor environment."

The improvements in the park are one part of the Local People project in Foxhill. Other priorities for the area include creating events for the community and encouraging more visitors to the area. They have previously held a successful cooking competition and plan to produce a piece of art with photos taken of the neighbourhood.


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