Living Wage Friendly Funders celebrate one-year anniversary

07 July 2016

A year ago the Living Wage Foundation, supported by People’s Health Trust, launched the Living Wage Friendly Funder scheme to help end low pay in the sector.

Already the scheme is gathering momentum, with the number of Friendly Funders growing from five to 12. These funders are leading the way across the private, public and voluntary and community sector.

Through the scheme, funders support applicant charities to pay the Living Wage to grant-funded staff posts. Living Wage Friendly Funders have to be Living Wage employers and encourage grantees to become accredited employers overtime.

This is a hugely important initiative because a career in the voluntary and community sector should not mean accepting low pay.

There are now more than 2,500 employers paying the Living Wage, but it’s still a real challenge for many voluntary and community sector organisations. The Trust works with thousands of charities across Great Britain which means we are well-placed to support others in the sector to pay the Living Wage. By ensuring the Living Wage is paid to all grant-funded posts, we are supporting a higher standard of living and helping to lift people out of working poverty.

We work with our grantees to implement the Living Wage in flexible ways and encourage the groups we work with to feel more confident about requesting support for Living Wage salaries from other funders.

Speaking to individuals that are paid the Living Wage, brings to life the impact the Friendly Funders scheme is having.

James Bradshaw is the Project Manager at Killisick Connecting Community Programme. His post is funded at the Living Wage by People's Health Trust. He said:

“Being paid the Living Wage really makes a difference. Just having that extra bit of money in your pocket makes life a bit easier.

“I’d say to any employer thinking of paying the Living Wage to do it because it helps you to feel valued in your work and happy doing what you’re doing, so it benefits everyone.”

Cat McCafferty is Juniors Coach, Community Hoops for All. Her post is funded at the Living Wage by People's Health Trust. She said:

“I would say the Living Wage has definitely helped; it benefits me a lot.

“I struggle with getting to certain coaching sessions so it has helped me with my travel. At the end of the day it all builds up and it does make a big difference.”

But it’s not just individuals that benefit from the Living Wage, it’s everyone. Paying the Living Wage is just one way that the voluntary and community sector can attract, retain and develop good staff.

We want to see the Living Wage become the norm in every sector and the voluntary and community sector can lead the way. 


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