Friends of the Flaxmill Maltings - Family Fun Day at Flaxmill

06 July 2017

This summer, residents involved with the Flaxivity project in Ditherington, North Shrewsbury, organised a big community event to celebrate the end of their two-year project funded by the Trust.

The community day was a huge success with nearly a thousand people attending and a perfect moment to reflect on how much they had all achieved together.

The group – The Friends of Flaxmill Maltings – was formed in August 2010, with the aim of involving the community in the renovation of the important local landmark and heritage site.

In addition to being the community engagement lead for the redevelopment, the group run a youth centre and deliver a varied community outreach programme that includes heritage tours, a community arts programme, and music projects.

Friends of the Flaxmill Maltings received an investment of £26,780 from People’s Health Trust in June 2015 using money raised by HealthFair through The Health Lottery.

The funding was used to expand the current youth activities and to organise community events that help bring people together and feel more connected with their community.

As part of the project, the young people made a short film to showcase their work in the community.

Here is their film:


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