Community grow together : Incredible Edible Wakefield

13 May 2013

Incredible Edible Wakefield has received funding of almost £7,000 from People’s Health Trust – using money raised by HealthAmaze through The Health Lottery.

The funding is being used to support local people to develop a project that aims to bring their community back together and help them feel proud of their neighbourhood.  It will enable them to convert a disused builder’s compound on the estate into an Edible Community Garden containing twelve mini allotments for the local residents.

The project aims to increase confidence, reduce social isolation and improve both physical and mental health. Through regular, inclusive, structured activities that encourage companionship and peer support, the project will help the local community to feel more in control of their own health and wellbeing.

Residents will take part in ‘Edible Gardening club’ and ‘Help Us Grow’ sessions which will give them the chance to have a go at growing their own food for the first time.  It is expected that each participant will attend around 30 sessions.  The project is being delivered in partnership with Belle Vue Community Association and St Catherine’s Community Centre.

Andy Austerfield, Founding Director – Incredible Edible, said: “The people that live in this neighbourhood want change and this funding is helping the community to directly address issues that are important to them. We’re supporting people to regain and learn skills, make friends, become more active, more confident and more connected with their local community. We are delighted to have received this funding from People’s Health Trust.”

John Hume, Chief Executive – People’s Health Trust, said: “We’re delighted to be funding Incredible Edible. We invest in people with great ideas to create fairer places to live and that is what this project is all about.”

So far, over half a million pounds has been raised for health good causes in Leeds and Wakefield by HealthAmaze through The Health Lottery. Other organisations to have already been awarded funding from People’s Health Trust in the area include: The Conservation Volunteers, Mencap, Carers Trust, Sustrans, Children's Food Trust, Northcall, Sporting Change, The Portobello Community Forum and Nia Yorkshire Ltd.

Chris Lunn, Director – HealthAmaze, said: “It’s great that money raised by HealthAmaze is being used to support local organisations like Incredible Edible.”

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