Knit and Natter with Mon CF

01 December 2017

A new knitting group has been launched in Holyhead to give members a chance to share a good yarn.

Holyhead's Knit and Natter group, which started two months ago, sees residents of all ages meet up and regularly attracts over 20 people to their sessions. 

The group’s founder, Faye Jones, said: “It’s a wonderful group of people, we all just love knitting and nattering and our current project is to knit decorations for the Christmas tree in the library.”


The group meets every two weeks and is part of the Local Conversation in Holyhead - funded by People's Health Trust, using money raised by HealthDiverse through The Health Lottery.

The Local Conversation programme is a flexible, resident-led funding model driven by what local people want. Through the programme, residents are supported to identify and take action on issues that are important to them.

The Knit and Natter group is part of the Local Conversation in Holyhead’s priorities, which are to encourage residents to plan and run community events, support young people to design activities for themselves and to support residents to access training and employment opportunities

Dan Millington, Holyhead’s Local Conversation Officer joins the group regularly, usually with tea and cake to the groups delight. He said: “Seeing such a grassroots community group flourish has been fantastic, their energy and enthusiasm is exciting and I’m loving being involved – I’ve even learned how to knit myself.”



The close-knit group encourages all abilities to come together and learn from one another whilst sharing stories and conversations.

For more information on Holyhead’s Local Conversation project or to hear about how to get involved in Holyhead’s Knit and Natter Group, call 01407 762004 or email [email protected]


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