Leicester premature baby charity gets early Christmas present from The Health Lottery

29 December 2011

A charity in Leicester providing support to families with premature babies has become one of the first to be awarded a Health Lottery Healthy Communities grant

ADAPT is a small charity that provides support to families with premature and poorly babies on the neonatal units at Leicester Royal Infirmary and Leicester General Hospital and after they have gone home. It has been awarded a £9,000 Health Lottery grant by Leicestershire’s local society lottery to fund a Family Worker to help families through what can be a traumatic and unnerving experience.

And this Saturday (23 December) on Channel 5 at 9.55pm the charity will feature in the Health Lottery draw show as its work is showcased as one of the good causes being funded by local society lotteries. A short film will focus on the story of Claire from Leicester and her son Riley who was born sixteen weeks premature with a fifty per cent chance of survival.  ADAPT provided Claire with practical advice and emotional support which continued once Riley left the unit.  Riley is now one year old and he will be spending his first Christmas at home.

Claire Loveridge said: “When my son Riley was born 16 weeks premature, his lungs were weak and I didn’t know if he would live. I was really frightened and if it hadn’t been for ADAPT, I don’t know how I would have coped. Someone was there to hold my hand at the hospital and talk me through how to care for him at home. They’re like guardian angels. Riley’s now one and getting stronger every day. Thank you for buying Health Lottery tickets – you’re helping the 1 in 9 mums like me with premature babies.”

Sue Williams, ADAPT’s Development Co-ordinator said: “When we got the call to say we had been awarded a Health Lottery grant we were all so excited.  We feel very fortunate get this funding which will help us provide more support to the parents and families of premature and poorly babies needing specialist neonatal care in Leicester. 

“There is no disputing the fact that the babies get the best possible clinical care, but for the parents can be one of the most fearful, traumatic, distressing and emotional times of their lives, often not knowing from day to day, hour to hour whether their baby will survive.  This grant will enable ADAPT to increase our level of support to these parents whether it be just a friendly face to talk to,  a shoulder to cry on, or general help and advice on what is happening and what to expect.  This grant will make a huge difference to ADAPT and we really are very grateful for the support of The Health Lottery.”

John Hume, chief executive of People’s Health Trust, the charity responsible for distributing the good causes money raised by The Health Lottery said: “We’re delighted to be funding projects like these that make a real difference to the health and wellbeing of their communities. A small pot of funding like this can make a long term difference to charities and the families they support and we’re delighted that ADAPT is one of the first to receive funding from us.”

Further details about grants awarded by the People’s Health Trust are available on the Trust’s website  – www.peopleshealthtrust.org.uk


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Notes to editors

1. These new grants will be made possible through the good causes money raised through The Health Lottery, a new draw-based lottery game which launched on Saturday, October 8th and which is available to play online and across 40,000 retail outlets in England, Wales and Scotland.   Twenty pence out of every one pound lottery ticket bought will be used to fund projects in every Local Lottery Area.

2. There are 51 Local Society Lotteries in England, Scotland and Wales, each run to benefit the community it exists to serve, by tackling health inequalities in that community. This grant was awarded thanks to good causes funding raised by HealthBelief, the local society lottery for Leicestershire.

3. The People’s Health Trust is a registered charity which funds projects addressing health inequalities across England, Scotland and Wales. The Trust is funded by 51 local society lotteries and the good causes money they raise through The Health Lottery. The Trust awards grants at a local level to develop programmes aimed at helping people live longer healthier lives. To find out more visit www.peopleshealthtrust.org.uk


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