Lights! Camera! Action!

15 November 2013

Kimberley Walsh recently joined Richard Desmond of The Health Lottery at Youth Skills Network's 'Strait Talk' project in Waltham Forest.

With new funding from People's Health Trust, the Strait Talk project is learning the skills needed to film a live debate show and stream it to the people of Walthamstow.

Between 20 and 30 young residents are attending sessions every Saturday afternoon where they will build their skills in media production as part of their project to get local voices heard across Waltham Forest.

Andy Fraser, Project Coordinator, Youth Skills Network, said: “We staged a number of public debate shows after the London riots badly affected our area of East London, which fed into the national research being conducted at the time. Young people wanted a place to voice their opinion, and these debate shows proved a really effective way of providing that platform.

“Following the success of these shows, young people still felt decisions that affect where they live were being made without them. The project is trying to alleviate this by putting their opinions, and those of other local residents, out into the open in a big way. Better still – these young people are the ones making the show itself - learning new skills, making connections, and strengthening their community.”

The project will culminate with the live filming of a community show in front of a studio audience, streamed online, with the recorded show played on the BBC's big screens in Walthamstow. Activities include workshops in media communications, research, public speaking, and will develop skills such as critical thinking and technical media skills.

John Hume – Chief Executive, People’s Health Trust, said: “Organisations like Youth Skills Network are a great way for local people to support each other and learn new skills, helping to build stronger ties in communities. We couldn’t be happier to fund the project.”

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