Living Wage Week 2017

03 November 2017

This year, Living Wage Week runs from 5-11 November.

The week is an annual celebration of the Living Wage movement in the UK, made up of employers, experts, organisations and people who believe that a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay.

Living Wage Week is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the campaign, increase support, and highlight the impressive work that has been done so far.

Events will be taking place all week across Britain, bringing thousands of people together to celebrate a movement that has already given more than 150,000 low paid workers a pay rise to the Living Wage.

Whilst there have been significant wins, there is still a long way to go. There are still nearly six million people paid less than a real Living Wage.

The 15-year campaign for a Living Wage achieved a success in 2015, when the government announced the introduction of a higher minimum wage rate for over 25-year olds - even calling it a 'national living wage'.

However, the government's 'national living wage' is not calculated according to what employees and their families need to live – and is currently £7.50 per hour.

The real Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently, calculated according to the real costs of living based on basket of goods and services – with the new rate being announced on 6 November 2017.

It includes a separate rate, that reflects the higher cost of living in London, and it applies to all workers over the age of 18 - recognising that young adults face the same living costs as everyone else.

Currently, the UK Living Wage for outside of London is currently £8.45 per hour. The London Living Wage is currently £9.75 per hour.

Since the campaign began in 2001, at least 150,000 employees have received a pay increase as a direct result of the campaign - demonstrating how local people, voluntary and community organisations and businesses can work together to deliver meaningful social change today

There are now over 3,600 UK-accredited employers who pay the Living Wage, and the week is an opportunity to encourage more to show their commitment to doing the right thing and become accredited/join the movement.

  • To find out more about Living Wage Week 2017, click here.
  • The new Living Wage rates for this year will be announced at an event hosted by Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. We'll be tweeting the rates, as they break, live from the event. Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.

Watch this short film about the real Living Wage:

People's Health Trust has been a Living Wage Employer since 2012. In 2015, the Trust funded, and helped to develop and launch the Living Wage Friendly Funders Scheme. To find out more or sign up, click here.

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