Local People in Hesters Way meet Alex Chalk MP

09 March 2018

Cheltenham MP Alex Chalk met with members of the Local People project in Hester’s Way to find out how they are working to improve their neighbourhood.

During his visit, Mr Chalk heard from the steering group, who lead and shape the project, and found out about what they have been up to.

Through the Local People project in Hester’s Way, The Conservation Volunteers are supporting residents and empowering them to take action on local issues which are important to them.

Mr Chalk said: “There’s great work being done by the Local People project in Hesters Way. It’s giving local people the chance to shape and build our local community. I was delighted to join the latest meeting. There are so many different activities going on and the enthusiasm of local people is contagious. It was fascinating to hear about and be involved with their plans for the future.”

Residents enjoyed meeting Mr Chalk and telling them about the benefits of the project. As part of the Local People project in Hesters Way, residents had a period of engagement where they discussed the issues that the community wanted to address and came up with priorities to make where they live even better.

Priorities for the neighbourhood were decided and included activities for older children (eight to 17 years), activities for older people and the regeneration of Coronation Square.

In the summer, members of the project organised a large community lunch where residents brought and shared food with others as they got to know each other.

There are also plans for more events in the summer, and other activities to get the community together more often.

Darren York, Chief Executive of The Conservation Volunteers, said: “TCV is immensely proud of our partnership with People’s Health Trust on the Local People programme.  It was a pleasure to welcome along Alex Chalk MP to find out more and we never fail to be impressed by the dedication and commitment of the local residents who are so keen to make a positive difference to their community.”

The Local People project has been funded by People’s Health Trust, using money raised by HealthTotal through The Health Lottery.

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