Local People lead

04 October 2018

“Having local people leading the project is a real advantage”

The Youth Sport Trust has created a short film highlighting the impact People's Health Trust's funding has had on the communities they work with.

With funding from the Trust, the Youth Sport Trust supports five Local People projects in Brent, Milton Keynes, Surrey, East Hull and Swansea. The projects aim to engage and empower neighbourhoods, giving local people control to genuinely design and lead initiatives that make their area even better places to grow, live and work.

Chris Ellis, Development Manager for the Youth Sport Trust, said: “Having local people leading the project is a real advantage because they have links and they have knowledge that we just don’t have. They know the issues that their community is going through and they have the solutions to resolve them.

“One of the biggest strengths we have seen as a charity is the power of the project to empower young people and give them opportunities. We’ve seen young people who lacked confidence but were desperate to have their views heard. We believe that they can effect change in their community. This has given them a platform to help them to do that and achieve their ambitions.”

Watch the video:


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