Local people transform park

04 February 2015

Local people in Grangetown, Cardiff, have taken action in their community park – joining up to transform an important space into a vibrant hub of activity.

Using funding of £15,785 from People’s Health Trust, with money raised by HealthControl through The Health Lottery, people living in Grangetown are now holding ‘play and planting’ sessions for families and individuals living near Pentre Garden - bringing life back to their public space.

Inge Hanson, Chair, Friends of Pentre Gardens, said: “The idea came from local people who live near the neighbourhood park, which they felt excluded from because the grounds were littered with dog excrement, broken bottles and rubbish. They invited their neighbours to join together and discuss how to reclaim the area.

“As the activities have become more popular, members of the local Church and Hindu Temple have asked us to provide activities for their groups, which has brought together local people from the community who had not previously engaged with each other. As a result, our project has encouraged more interaction between local residents and given them a voice in determining what activities the group will undertake.

“We have also noticed that teenagers, pensioners and other residents who do not take part in our activities are using the park. Consequently, our programme is benefiting not only the families who engage in our sessions but the neighbourhood as a whole and people who come to enjoy the park.”

Layla Saeed, mother of 12 year old Sihaan, said: “Sihaan enjoys meeting up with Charlotte and other friends from the area at the play and planting sessions. The sessions are safe, free and creative. There’s always something for the kids to do there. I also enjoy seeing children and families from all walks of life and backgrounds playing in the park. The sessions offer multicultural play and bring together people from all walks of life.”

John Hume, Chief Executive, People’s Health Trust, said: “Friends of Pentre Gardens is a fantastic example of how communities can come together to make real change happen in their neighbourhoods. Making better use of a public space is a great way to encourage people to meet up and make new connections in their community, at the same time as revitalising a public space for all.”

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