Local society lottery HealthWin awards health good causes money in East Riding and North Lincolnshire

29 February 2012

Two projects in East Riding and North Lincolnshire have been awarded funding by the People’s Health Trust

Communities across England, Scotland and Wales are starting to benefit from the £50 million a year good causes money raised by local society lotteries through the new Health Lottery.

Through the Healthy Places Healthy People grants programme, the People’s Health Trust is working with HealthRegard society lottery to fund activity to reduce isolation amongst older people, provide support for informal carers, particularly young adult carers, and support local projects that help create healthier environments and communities.

Two projects in East Riding and North Lincolnshire have been awarded funding by the People’s Health Trust.

  • Funding of £20,611 has been awarded to the Alzheimer’s Society in East Riding, Humber and York. The funding will enable a Singing for the Brain project to run in Nottinghamshire. Singing for the Brain builds on the brain’s preserved memory for song and music, whilst providing social interaction, peer support and a fun and stimulating activity for people with dementia and their carers.  The project will reduce stress and anxiety for people with dementia, strengthen relationships between people with dementia, their carer and family, and enable people to make friends with group members who go on to provide support and understanding outside of the sessions. 
  • Funding of £43,750 has been awarded to the Youth Sport Trust to work with schools in Wintringham, Bridlington, Barton-upon-Humber and South Hunsley. Increasing and sustaining physical activity and wellbeing in young people of secondary school age is recognised as a national issue. Your Activity will promote alternative sports in a network of local Secondary Schools in Yorkshire and Humber. It is specifically designed to inspire and motivate pupils who are currently not attracted to mainstream/traditional recreational activities. The project provides schools with resources and support to establish an after school club in one of nine non traditional sports - Parkour, Ultimate Frisbee, Street Cheer, Dodge Ball, Skipping/Jump Rope, Orienteering, Tchoukball, Softball and Indoor Rowing. 

Professor Jennie Popay, Chair of the People’s Health Trust, said: “Our funding comes from local society lotteries and it’s really important for us to show people in the communities these lotteries represent how their money is being spent to tackle the social causes of ill-health and promote wellbeing. Our funding will provide an injection of new money into the charitable sector to support local activity at a time when it is really needed. And by working with well-established partners and local groups we know that we're investing in the people and neighbourhoods that can benefit the most from this funding.”


Notes to editors

  1. The Health Lottery is the brand name for 51 society lotteries operating in England, Scotland and Wales which aim to tackle health inequalities. HealthWin Community Interest Company operates a society lottery for the benefit of East Riding, Hull, North and North East Lincolnshire. The lottery is an independent body.
  2. These new grants will be made possible through the good causes money raised through The Health Lottery, a new draw-based lottery game which launched on Saturday, October 8th and which is available to play online and across 40,000 retail outlets in England, Wales and Scotland. Twenty pence out of every one pound lottery ticket bought will be used to fund projects in every society lottery area.
  3. People’s Health Trust is a registered charity which funds projects addressing health inequalities across England, Scotland and Wales. The Trust is funded by 51 local society lotteries and the good causes money they raise through The Health Lottery. The Trust awards grants at a local level to develop programmes aimed at helping people live longer healthier lives. To find out more visit www.peopleshealthtrust.org.uk

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