Lozells Community Awards

09 November 2017

Lozells-based social enterprise Aspire & Succeed is supporting residents to deliver a shared vision for their neighbourhood through a Local Conversation project.

Once a year, Aspire & Succeed, along with residents involved in the Local Conversation in Lozells and the rest of the community, take a moment to recognise all that is great in their community.

They get together to have dinner, share their stories about why they got involved and celebrate the achievements of local groups and individuals.

Shale Ahmed, the Programme Manager at Aspire & Succeed, said: “The evening is all about community. It’s easy to engage people in their own groups but the evening was a nice opportunity for everyone to come together and connect - something a lot of people hadn’t previously done.

“Sometimes we forget what makes our community so great because we’re used to the day-to-day tasks. It’s the one time a year where people get together to tell each other what it means for them to take part and highlight the barriers we are all breaking.”

Last month’s event marked the fifth Lozells Community Awards, which will be hosted again next year.

Awards included Primary School Pupil of the Year, a Health and Wellbeing award, and the Lozells in Bloom award.

Shale added: “It’s also a great way to get the local schools involved because they discuss it in class and nominate each other – we had hundreds of nominations from pupils.

“So many people in the community go above and beyond, it lets people know who is behind the scenes and doing all this great work to keep our neighbourhood the best it can be - it’s such an inspiring evening.

“There is so much happening in the community to showcase. As an organisation, we support people but they are the ones making the change – they know we are the storage place they need, the place to go to bounce ideas off, but they lead the way.

“The night ended with cake and a conversation, and now we are really determined to build on the success.”


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