Meet the Volunteers

08 June 2017

Whether it is a few hours a month or a couple of days a week, many programmes and schemes rely on volunteers.

At People’s Health Trust, we know the value and to celebrate Volunteers Week, we want to show off some of the impressive work they have been doing.

We asked members from different projects to tell us some of their favourite things about being involved.

First up, we spoke to Mark McDonald and Steven Griffiths, from the Kinning Park Complex project in Glasgow.  

Mark said:

“The best thing about volunteering is that it gets me out the house, gets me meeting new people and it gets me a wee munchie at lunch time. It is a nice wee hub for people to come and interact with other people - some people are stuck in the house.”

Steven added:

“I like the sense of camaraderie. You meet loads of people from different cultures and we all come together and have a good laugh. And we learn to fix bikes obviously. We meet here socially and that’s so valuable in a community like this.”

We also caught up with George Barratt, from the Local Conversations project in Penparcau, Wales.

George said:

“I love seeing people with a smile on their face – it makes volunteering worthwhile. It’s been really great being able to help improve the area and what goes on in the area, particularly for young people. It really spreads a feel-good joy!”


We also spoke with David and Pauline from the Local Conversations project in Lozells, Birmingham.

Pauline said:

“I have always loved gardening but we had to give up our allotment a few year back due to David's poor health, this has given us the chance to do what we love, meet new people who tell us the great work we are doing and donate plants as they walk past. It has also stopped people littering on the street corners.”

David said:

“I have always been hands on and doing this gardening project helps me get out the house and look forward to doing something active, I feel good knowing I'm doing my little bit to help the neighbourhood where I spent all of my life. It's nice that people appreciate it which makes you want to do more, it is good to have something so close to us that we can look out the window and be proud of. For a few years after leaving our beloved allotment I didn't have anything to do, this keeps me fit and well.”

A bit closer to home, the Trust's Network and Learning Officer, Lucy Turner, said:

"Volunteering is a great way to meet new people. I started volunteering when I first moved to London. It was a great way to help me settle in to the area and to feel part of my community.  You get to meet people you might not normally have the chance to chat to and it makes me feel good to get involved."


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