Nearly half of charities will dip into reserves in next year, survey finds

19 April 2012

Results of the fifth annual Managing in a Downturn report

Forty-seven percent of charities say they will have to dip into their reserves to support activities over the next year. That's one of the stark findings of the fifth annual Managing in a Downturn report, released yesterday by the Charity Finance Group, the Institute of Fundraising and PricewaterhouseCoopers. The survey - which found that many were considering restructures, pay freezes, redundancies and a overall reduction in staff hours -  is a glaring reminder of the ever-increasing importance of finding and growing additional sources of new funding.

Third Sector reported this week that the findings showed that an incredible 63% of charities had been hit by government spending policies and 93% of fundraisers said that the fundraising environment had got tougher in the last 12 months. In the article, Ian Oakley-Smith, a director at ProcewaterhouseCooper is quoted as saying: "The energy and capabilities of charities are being pushed to the limit as they look to survive."


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