Our strategy and vision

05 January 2017

We believe that where you live should not reduce the length of your life or the quality of your health.

As we journey into the New Year, it feels the right time to talk about our aims for the next three years.

Project participants at Derby Arboretum, Derbyshire

Our strategic objectives for 2016 to 2019 are:

  • Supporting local people to take action on the wider social determinants of health at a local level
  • Improving what we do and how we do it, to maximise our resources and knowledge for the benefit of local neighbourhoods, other funders and commissioners
  • Building successful relationships locally and nationally, and support for local empowerment models which in turn benefit the health of local people
  • Communicating evidence and learning to local people, policy makers, academics and practitioners, locally and nationally, and contributing to the evidence base for local control as a way to reduce health inequalities

Our vision

People’s Health Trust believes in a world without health inequalities. The principle which lies behind this is that where you live should not reduce the length of your life or the quality of your health.

Health inequalities remain stubbornly persistent across Great Britain and indeed the world. The Trust was set up to address health inequalities and create fairer places in which to grow, live, work and age.

Through our funding and support, we encourage empowerment as a means of addressing the underlying structural causes of health inequalities. And we are more determined than ever that addressing the social determinants of health must move higher up the agenda for all those whose role it is to improve our health, build our towns and cities, commission our services and support us all as citizens.

We strongly encourage residents to voice their needs and to take action locally to address them.

Our work aims to ensure that local people design and lead initiatives which are about their neighbourhoods and to ensure that money is targeted at those people, neighbourhoods and communities most affected by disadvantage across Great Britain.


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