People’s Health Trust launches with £50 million boost for local people’s health

23 August 2011

Communities across Great Britain are set to benefit from a £50 million annual injection of funding which will enable them to take action on a local level to help people live longer healthier lives.

Funded by 51 local society lotteries from the good causes money raised by The Health Lottery, the People’s Health Trust will support activities across England, Wales and Scotland that tackle the social causes of ill-health and promote well being. An independent board of trustees with extensive experience of tackling health inequalities working directly with local people will decide how The People’s Health Trust money should be spent to make a genuine difference to their lives.

To maximise the long-term benefits of this new money, the Trust will focus its funding on groups of people most at risk of poor health and of dying younger. The Trust’s first round of grants will fund activities to reduce isolation amongst older people, support for informal carers, particularly young carers and people with dementia and projects aimed at creating healthier environments.

The Trust will fund a wide range of local action, including for example respite for carers, support for young adults with learning difficulties to live independently and ways of improving the quality and availability of food in local neighbourhoods. The trust will not fund services normally funded by public agencies.

These new grants will be made possible through the good causes money raised through The Health Lottery, a new draw-based lottery game which launches on Saturday, October 8th and which is available to play online and across 40,000 retail outlets in England, Wales and Scotland. Twenty pence out of every one pound lottery ticket bought will be used to fund projects in every Local Lottery Area.

Professor Jennie Popay, chair, the People’s Health Trust, said: “The People’s Health Trust has an unprecedented opportunity to work with communities to identify and fund local action to tackle health inequalities across England, Scotland and Wales. We will ensure that local people have a real say in how this fund is spent to improve health and wellbeing in their neighbourhoods.”

John Hume, Chief Executive, the People’s Health Trust, said: “We will be working directly with communities to identify practical and lasting ways in which funding from The Health Lottery can really help people live longer healthier lives.”

Details of the grants programme will be available on from the Trust’s website from 10 October 2011.

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