Pocket Places for People in Peckham

03 July 2014

More than 2,000 people went along to Rye Lane in Peckham to see how funding from People's Health Trust is helping local residents transform unused pockets of space in their community.

Thanks to an investment of £90,000 from People’s Health Trust, the charity Sustrans is working with local people to reimagine unused spaces along Rye Lane. Pocket Places for People is a two year project for local people to create ‘pocket places’ in busy urban corridors – reclaiming urban spaces by identifying shared concerns and coming up with solutions to them.

People from the community saw some of the great ideas to bring forgotten spaces back to life trialled, including a band stand in a car park, an inner city orchard, and painted garage fronts. 

Hannah Padgett, Project Coordinator, Pocket Places Rye Lane, said: “It was a really, really good day. We’re now gathering the feedback we received from the public to see which of the trials we should invest in to make them more permanent features.”

See photos from the day here.

To find out more about Pocket Places for People in Peckham, visit their website.

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