Prince Harry visits Hear Women

07 September 2017

Residents involved with the Hear Women charity in North Kensington, London, met with Prince Harry, when he visited Al-Manaar, The Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, on Tuesday.

The visit to the centre saw Prince Harry meet members of the community, including residents from Hear Women, who help bring women from the community together.

People’s Health Trust began working with Hear Women in 2012, and has invested nearly £100,000 in the organisation through its Active Communities programme – using money raised by HealthEquality and HealthHope, through The Health Lottery.

The funding has enabled their work to support women by helping to reduce social isolation, improving skills and increasing confidence through a range of activities, coffee mornings, arts and crafts, and day trips.

Deqa Salat, from Hear Women, said: “We were really happy to meet Prince Harry and welcome his support of our work.

“It’s about motivating women in a safe and positive environment. We also provide childcare services during the summer.

“People's Health Trust has helped to build Hear Women’s capacity as an organisation - we are very grateful to them for their continued support.”

Prince Harry met members from the organisation who are involved in another project the group run, called Cook and Talk, which also provides a social environment while eating home cooked food.

The royal visit was part of a day of engagements for both Prince Harry and Prince William, which saw them meet a number of projects.


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Picture credit: Kensington Palace

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