RCGP chair calls for revamp to focus on reducing health inequalities

19 April 2012

Pulse Magazine reports on RCGP chair's calls for revamp of GPSI programme

Pulse Magazine reported this week that RCGP chair Dr Clare Gerada has criticised the use of GPs with a special interest to ‘mop up' hospital activity and has called for a wholesale revamp of the programme to focus on reducing healthcare inequalities.

Her comments come as the RCGP prepares to release a series of recommendations on the future of the GPSI programme as part of its commission on generalism. Dr Gerada said GPSIs should be providing extra services in the community targeted at underserved groups, rather than replicating hospital services in areas such as ENT and heart failure.

According to the article, Dr Gerada told Pulse: ‘The temptation is to create senior GP registrars in the community and badge them as GPs with a specialist interest. From the early days, there was a movement to create ENT GPs and all they were was fodder to mop up activity in communities – that is not what I want to see. We have to tap into the GPs' generalist skill and have GPSIs working in areas that hitherto do not necessarily fit – for example community gynaecology services, services for the homeless and those with learning disabilities – not just replicating hospitals.'

Read the full article.


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