Simon Cowell champions charities

31 October 2018

Simon Cowell hosted The Health Lottery Tea Party at the Savoy Hotel on Tuesday 30 October to celebrate £100 million being raised through The Health Lottery.

The star-studded event in London was attended by other supporters of The Health Lottery, including LBC presenter Nick Ferrari and Ayda Field.

The event was also attended by more than 200 representatives of charities funded by People’s Health Trust with money raised through The Health Lottery.

The event included a champagne reception and afternoon tea. It showcased films from local projects funded by the Trust.

One of the films on the day featured Rainbow Biz CIC, in Flintshire, Wales, who use gardening to help people feel more connected. The project supports members who have experienced isolation as a result of a disability or mental health problems. Through the project, members are gaining confidence and becoming more independent and more involved with the local community.

Thanks to money raised through The Health Lottery, People’s Health Trust has funded over 2,800 projects so far, supporting over 486,000 people across Great Britain.

John Hume, Chief Executive of People’s Health Trust, said: “Thanks to players of The Health Lottery an incredible £100m has been raised for good causes.

“It was important to celebrate the amazing work local charities and community groups are doing in their neighbourhoods to address health inequalities, which wouldn’t have been possible without this money.

“Our evaluation showed that 91 per cent of the projects funded had helped people feel less isolated. Astonishing number. And all because of around six hours a week of time at a cost of about £122 per person per year.

“Given that loneliness is one of the big killers, and equates to smoking 15 cigarettes a day, £122 per person per year for people to feel more connected could be an astonishing saving for the NHS in the medium to long-term.

“This funding is essential. 40 per cent of the projects we support said they would close immediately without money from The Health Lottery.

“For us to have this pipeline of funding is critical. However, this very source of funding is under threat.

“Regulations in this country mean that society lotteries, such as The Health Lottery, are held back from raising more money for good causes.

“We have all been asking Government for five years to allow us to raise more money by being able to offer higher prize limits of up to £1m.

“We want to be able to fund even more organisations to address the very real, very concerning and profoundly moral question of why people in this country should be dying ten years earlier than their friend who is wealthier. We all deserve answers to that question. We all deserve for that to stop. With The Health Lottery, we can do that.”


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