South Scotland health boost as first local lottery grants awarded

12 October 2011

Communities across Scotland are set to benefit from funding of around £5 million a year from the good causes money raised by the new Health Lottery

Launching its inaugural grants programme, Healthy Places Healthy People, the People’s Health Trust will fund activity to reduce isolation amongst older people, provide support for informal carers, particularly young adult carers, and support local projects that help create healthier environments and communities.

And today (Tuesday) projects in South Scotland became some of the first to be awarded Healthy Lottery funding from the People’s Health Trust, the independent charity responsible for deciding where the money is most needed and spent.

  • A grant of £46,801 has been awarded to North & South Ayrshire Carers Centre – managed by the social enterprise company Unity Enterprise in partnership with The Princess Royal Trust for Carers, to support their work in providing an environment where carers can drop in and access confidential help, information, advice and support on a wide range of issues affecting them including health and financial worries.
  • A grant of £37,500 has been awarded to fund WRVS transport and shopping services in the Scottish Borders, providing services and support to isolated residents.
  • Alzheimer Scotland are receiving a grant of £22,548 to fund its work supporting people with dementia and their families.
  • Funding of £43,750 is going to the Youth Sport Trust to promote alternative sports in secondary schools, organised by young people for young people, encouraging them to adopt a healthier lifestyle into adult life.
  • Funding of £31,030 has been awarded for a new Enable Gateway Centre in South Scotland, which is designed to improve the health and well being of people with a learning disability, supporting them to develop new skills and live a more enriched and active life.
  • A grant of £27,932 has been awarded to the BTCV’s Green Gym programme, which offers outdoor physical activity through participation in community based environmental projects which have a proven impact on health and well being.

Professor Jennie Popay, chair of the People’s Health Trust, said: “Our funding for Scotland comes from local society lotteries and it’s really important for us to show people in the communities these lotteries represent how their money is being spent to tackle the social causes of ill-health and promote well being. Our funding will provide an injection of new money into the charitable sector to support local activity at a time when it is really needed. And by working with well-established partners and local groups we know that we're investing in the people and neighbourhoods that can benefit the most from this funding.”

Gail Porter, one of the Health Lottery’s ambassadors said: "It’s great to be back up in Scotland and see first hand that The Health Lottery is already making a real difference to local health causes. It’s good to see the first lot of money raised from Health Lottery ticket sales has gone so directly and immediately into the hands of those people who can really benefit."

Karen Queen, the manager of North and South Ayrshire Carers Centre, said: “Older carers feel that it their duty to take care of their partners or relatives and will often risk their own health and well being to fulfil this responsibility. This benefits no-one and makes our ability to recognise issues and provide support critical. This funding will provide a huge boost to our efforts to help this often neglected group of carers.”

Theresa Shearer, Executive Director of Corporate & Strategic Planning from Enable, said: "We are delighted to accept this funding for a new Gateway Active centre in South Scotland. This will help us reach more people with a learning disability and offer them new opportunities to get involved with activities that will help them get out and about more, improving the quality of their lives."

Margaret Paterson, WRVS Head of Service for Scotland, said: “On behalf of the WRVS transport and shopping services in the Scottish Borders, I would like to express our thanks. Our projects are a lifeline for many of the isolated residents in this area of Scotland and enable them to get out and about to run errands, continue shopping as they always have done, to attend important health appointments and most importantly to retain their identity.”

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