The Trust marches at Pride

11 July 2017

People’s Health Trust marched through the streets of London on Saturday 8 July, calling for action to tackle the health inequalities faced by the LGBT+ community.

Representatives from funded projects, Hart Gables in Middlesbrough and Different Visions Celebrate in Dundee, joined members of staff from the Trust, and marched together in the parade at London’s 45th Pride festival.

People from across Britain gathered to unite in the fight for LGBT+ rights and equality. It was both a moment to celebrate how far we have come, and to recognise that the battle is far from over.

This year’s is believed to have been the world’s largest Pride festival, with over 100 events taking place between 26 June and 9 July across the globe. More than 26,000 people marched through the streets of London on Saturday, cheered on by a crowd that estimates put close to one million people.

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