The Trust marches in Pride in London

09 July 2018

People’s Health Trust joined thousands of people to march in Pride in London on Saturday to shine a light on the inequalities that exist for the LGBT+ community.

Representatives from funded projects, Hart Gables in Hartlepool, Support U in Reading and Bradford LGBT Strategic Partnership, joined members of staff from the Trust, and marched together in the parade at London’s 46th Pride festival.

People from across the UK stood together in solidarity to celebrate how far we have come, as well as to call for action to tackle the inequalities faced by the LGBT+ community.

Up to one million people are thought to have lined the streets to watch the event, which started at Portland Place, near Regent’s Park, and ended in Whitehall.

At the Trust, we work to ensure that where you live does not unfairly reduce the length of your life, or the quality of your health - this includes marginalised people across the LGBT+ community.

We stood in solidarity with those people that couldn’t be there as well as those who could, and continue to campaign for absolute equality for all in Great Britain.


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