Volunteers Make their Mark in Markfield

10 June 2013

The Conservation Volunteers Haringey have planted a new herbal garden in Markfield Park, Tottenham, London.

Working in partnership with Groundwork, volunteers from Haringey prepared the bed for children from the Markfield Youth Centre to plant a mixture of herbs such as basil, rosemary, lemon balm, sage, mint and thyme, these edible plants not only educated the children about healthy eating but are also beneficial to wildlife.

The children will take responsibility for the care of the plants including weeding and watering, ensuring the health of the plants.

Funded by Haringey Council and the People’s Health Trust, The Conservation Volunteers Haringey involves people from across the borough in practical conservation tasks, participants develop their skills and most importantly have fun!

If you want to join in or find out how else you can support our volunteers EITHER visit www.tcv.org.uk/haringey OR contact Michael Bury on 020 8348 6005.




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