Volunteers welcome David Lammy MP to help with the harvest

05 September 2014

Volunteers from The Conservation Volunteers' Green Gym in Tottenham, London, recently welcomed Labour MP David Lammy to their allotment in East Hale.

Thanks to funding of £60,000 from People’s Health Trust, using money raised by HealthPromote through The Health Lottery, local people from Northumberland Park in Haringey are working together to reclaim green spaces in the local community whilst making new friendships and learning new skills.

David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, Matthew Sowemimo, Trustee, People’s Health Trust, John Hume, Chief Executive, People’s Health Trust, and Richard Desmond, owner of The Health Lottery, joined TCV volunteers at the East Hale Allotments in harvesting fruit and vegetables.

David Lammy, Labour MP, said: “I think it is essential for people in urban communities to access and enjoy the outdoors. It is fantastic that this Conservation Volunteers’ Green Gym is dedicating such huge effort to reach out to people from all backgrounds and from across the entire constituency.

“The Green Gym, here in Tottenham Hale, is one of many initiatives across my constituency aiming to support and promote health and wellbeing in the community. I whole-heartedly extend my congratulations to all the volunteers at TCV for their efforts at co-ordinating this asset to our community.”

John Hume, Chief Executive, People’s Health Trust, said: “People’s Health Trust strongly believes that it is local people joining together who can make their communities even better places. The volunteers at Tottenham East Hale allotment are a great example of how a small locally-led idea can become a critical social space for many isolated people, and can help to ensure that their community is a fairer place in which to grow, live, work and age.”

Julie Hopes, CEO of The Conservation Volunteers, said: “TCV works with over 2000 community groups across the UK to transform their health, prospects and outdoor places for the long term, and we are delighted that David Lammy MP could experience the work we do first hand in his constituency.

“We are very grateful to The People’s Health Trust and The Health Lottery for helping to fund projects such as the Haringey Green Gym, and we hope that David Lammy has been able to see the powerful impact TCV initiatives have on the people in his local community.”

See photos from the visit here.

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