A Window on Walney

14 January 2015

People from Walney, Barrow-in-Furness, are bringing their community closer by creating films and telling stories at the same time as learning valuable creative digital skills at their new project ‘Window on Walney’.

Local young and older people from Walney, Barrow-in-Furness, are using funding to share stories together whilst learning new skills through Signal Film and Media, a local non-profit organisation that provides accessible film and media training.

With funding of £48,580 from People’s Health Trust, using money raised by HealthAble through The Health Lottery, older people from the community are gaining new confidence to go out and meet new people, and young people are learning transferrable digital skills to help them in their future careers.

May Davies, project coordinator, said: “Walney is an isolated community in an already isolated area. Older people have seen their families move away to find work, and many feel more isolated as a result, and young people are struggling to find work, which is resulting in low aspirations.

“Thanks to this funding, young and older people are finding a shared experience; working together creatively to build a strong sense of community. Older people are telling their stories and working alongside younger people to interpret them through creative media and film for a wider audience.

“We hope the project will overcome isolation of older people, build self-confidence, teach new creative skills and enable both age groups to tell their stories with pride. We are also training Community Champions to develop future creative community projects.”

John Hume, Chief Executive, People’s Health Trust, said: “It’s great to see local people in Walney using this funding not only to bring those from different generations together, but to learn new skills and build their confidence at the same time. We are delighted to fund this project.”

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